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Rewarding Bad Behavior

It seems as though the quickest way to get noticed by the public these days is to behave badly. Such behavior oftentimes leads to YouTube and television exposure including one’s own TV show or folk hero status. Recent examples abound including Steven Slater, the flight attendant with Jet Blue who... Read more →

Attacks on Obama's Character

Most people seem to believe that respect is earned and not to be given blindly. While I believe this is true in terms of respecting someone for his or her specific decisions, actions, or opinions on controversial matters, we also should respect people of authority because of what they have... Read more →

Solvency of Social Security

The great debate about the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund and whether future, Baby Boomer retirees will receive their fair share of retirement benefits because of dwindling resources misses the point that there is an ethical obligation to make promised payments. Those of us who are nearing retirement... Read more →

The Morality of Adam Smith's Free Market Economics

Our free market economic system depends on the exercise of ethical behavior by corporate officials to provide for the public good. Absent decision making based on ethical values such as honesty, objectivity and integrity, the system cannot be trusted to allocate resources in the best interests of society. The root... Read more →