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Fall of the American Empire

America Has Lost its Moral Compass This opinion piece was first published on allvoices on March 5: ( I used to think that America has lost its moral compass. Every day there seems to be another example of immoral behavior that buries the compass that much deeper. I've now concluded... Read more →

Medicare Fraud Arrests

Can We Control Medicare Fraud? In my last blog I addressed Medicare fraud in the context of presenting ideas to save the American dream and turn the economy around. In this blog I look at the specifics of the Medicare fraud problem. You may recall that the Obama Health Care... Read more →

Rajat Gupta and Goldman Insider Trading Scandal

Goldman Image Further Tarnished Our friends at Goldman Sachs are at it again. On March 1, 2011, the SEC charged Rajat Gupta (, a former member of the board of directors of Goldman, with insider trading. Gupta had resigned last year just before news broke of his alleged involvement in... Read more →