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Demand for Accounting Graduates on the Rise

Ethical Expectations for Accounting Professionals According to the Occupational Handbook 2010-2011 published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accountants and auditors are expected to experience much faster than average employment growth through 2018. Job opportunities should be most favorable for those with a professional certification such as Certified... Read more →

The Main Street Fairness Tax: Is it Time to Collect Taxes on Internet Sales?

Amazon. com, et al. v. State and Local Governments In a 1992 decision, Quill v. North Dakota, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that retailers are exempt from collecting sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence, such as a store, office, or warehouse. (The legal term for this... Read more →

Ethics in Government Part II:

Political Corruption Has Infected Our Society In yesterday’s blog I wrote about sexual improprieties of members of Congress including John Ensign (R-NV) who resigned last week effective on May 3 because he had an affair with his former political treasurer and fired her and her husband who had served in... Read more →

Ethics in Government Part I: The Resignation of Senator John Ensign

Sexual Improprieties by Members of Congress This is the first of a two-part blog on ethics in government. Today I deal with sexual improprieties. Tomorrow I tackle bribery and fraud in government. Senator John Ensign's (R-NV) sudden resignation from the US Senate on April 21 to take effect on May... Read more →

Motivating Students to Take Tests Seriously

California Permits Grade Adjustments (UP) for Results on Standardized Test The March 2011 issue of California Educator has an interesting article on student performance in the classroom . The digital copy is available at: You may want to read it if you don't believe what I say. The article... Read more →

Outsourcing Jobs and Taxes

How US Corporations Avoid Paying US Income Taxes We're all aware that US corporations outsource jobs to countries such as India and the Philippines to lower costs and increase profits. A major concern is another practice sanctioned in the U.S. Tax Code that allows companies to avoid paying US income... Read more →

It's 10pm, do you know where your Facebook Information Is?

Concerns about Facebook Privacy Controls More than 600 million people have Facebook accounts and the company is trying to cash in on members' personal profile information and friends page information and postings by sharing it with advertisers. Say, for example, you post that you love a romantic movie you just... Read more →

Dealing with Workplace Stress

Coping with Increased Demands in the Workplace In yesterday's first of two blogs on workplace issues I addressed what to do if you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment. You can access that blog at: Today I discuss dealing with the increased demands placed by employers on... Read more →

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace This is the first of a two-part series on workplace issues. Today I deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. In tomorrow's blog I will address what to do about the increasing stress we all feel on the job due to economic conditions... Read more →