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Is Zuckerberg Waiting Post-Facebook IPO to Open Up to 13-Year Olds?

Should Facebook Be Open to Children Under the Age of 13? Speaking during the NewSchools Venture Fund's Summit in California earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook should be open to children under the age of 13 because it can be used as an excellent education tool.... Read more →

Mets, Madoff and Wilpon

Mets Owner Wilpon's Involvement with Madoff's Ponzi Scheme A few months ago, it was disclosed that New York Mets’ team owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were being sued for $1 billion in connection with Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. With impeccable timing, along comes hedge-fund manager David Einhorn who... Read more →

Whistle-Blower Rewards Under Dodd-Frank Under Attack

Corporate America and Whistle-Blowing A new bill in the House of Representatives proposed by freshman congressman Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), would make "any whistleblower who has legal, compliance, or similar responsibilities for . . . an entity and has a fiduciary or contractual obligation to investigate or respond to internal reports... Read more →

Business Fraud on the Rise

It's Déjà vu All Over Again! On May 23 The Network, Inc., a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance solutions, and BDO Consulting, a division of BDO USA, LLP, announced the first quarter 2011 findings of its Quarterly Corporate Fraud Index, a comprehensive examination of fraud incident report activity... Read more →

SEC Playing Around With its Mandate to Protect the Investing Public

Should the SEC Take Action to Expand Private Share Offerings? Republicans in Congress want the SEC to raise the 500-shareholder threshold that separates a private from public-offering of stock, or else change the rule so that more sophisticated investors who understand the markets will not count toward the total. The... Read more →

LinkedIn IPO: Are We Headed For Another Market Meltdown?

LinkedIn IPO, Facebook IPO and Concerns About a Future Market Meltdown LinkedIn's public offering last week saw its shares more than double on opening day in the largest IPO by an Internet company since Google's debut in 2004. In an article by Barrons reporter Andrew Bary on May 21, 2011,... Read more →

Are All Men Dogs?

Who Let the Dogs Out? First, let me apologize to the Baha Men for using the title of their song, Who Let the Dogs Out?, to talk about extramarital affairs by male politicians. Even though the song was ranked third of 20 of the most annoying songs in a poll... Read more →

The Ethics of Prop. 13 Repeal and Declining Work Ethic in Society

The New Normal is Not a Pretty Picture I recently blogged that it was time to repeal Prop. 13 in California. I cherish the replies I receive from readers and one such reply encouraged me to expand on my position. Here is the original reply: “Instead of charging those of... Read more →

Greed is Good -- huh?

An Ode to Gordon Gekko I don't normally use other blogs or, in this case, an article from New York Magazine but this is an exception. The video is hysterical. It explains in just over three minutes the essence of the meltdown of our financial system and hubris of those... Read more →