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Dodd-Frank Whistle-blower Bounty Provision

New Career Opportunity: Blowing the Whistle on Your Boss Whistleblowing can be a noble activity. Cynthia Cooper blew the whistle on improper capitalization practices at WorldCom in the early 2000s and forced the company to disclose the largest financial statement fraud ($11-$13 billion) ever. She received Time Magazine's "Person-of-the Year"... Read more →

KPMG Study Shows Company Bosses Increasingly Commit Fraud

Senior Management/Board Increasingly Commit Fraud in Companies A new KPMG survey reveals that business fraud is on the increase, with a significant proportion committed by those with board-level positions. Company bosses are responsible for an increase in fraud across the globe. The KPMG study found that board members at divisional,... Read more →

Sustainability Run Amok

Jewish Deli: a Socially Responsible (Oxymoron) Concept? I suppose it was just a matter of time before the Deli would embrace sustainability. A story out of Berkeley, California (where else?) in the Washington Jewish Week talks about Saul’s Restaurant and Deli that refused delivery of a truckload of pastrami because... Read more →

US Interest in Africa Motivated by Chinese and Indian Successes

Forgotten Continent Now Remembered All of a sudden the U.S. is interested in African economic development. During her recent tour of Africa to address security interests in light of the "Arab Spring" and promote economic development, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the following: "We want a relationship... Read more →

Dark Side of Chinese Capitalism

Reverse Mergers, Improper Accounting, a Lack of Transparency and Poor Governance Threaten the Recent Success of Capitalism Chinese Style Is the Chinese capitalistic bubble about to burst under the weight of fraud investigations and back-door stock listings? The dark side of Chinese capitalism has become very apparent the past few... Read more →

Outsourcing California Prisons

How to Deal With Overcrowded California Prisons I was motivated to write this blog by an accounting ethics student of mine, Andrew Kolchak, who wrote his own blog on overcrowded California prisons as part of an assignment. Andrew pointed out that "Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute states that, under... Read more →

Bad Teachers; Horrible Bosses

Two New Movies Illustrate All That is Wrong in America Two movies will open in the next three weeks that illustrate the negative effect of pop culture on our moral psyche. Coming to your theatres on June 24 is Cameron Diaz's "Bad Teachers." Now, as a college professor I know... Read more →

The Ethics of the Tea Party Movement

Tea Party Fails to Create Ethical Standards The Tea Party Mission Statement includes the following: "The impetus for the Tea Party movement is excessive government spending and taxation. Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values... Read more →

Green Lantern and Philosophy

The Plato-Aristotle Debate in Green Lantern Philosophy "Green Lantern and Philosophy," released May 3 and just in time for the new movie's June 17 release, proves to any fan of the comic book series that there are people out there thinking more critically about it. So says the "esteemed" publication... Read more →

Delusional Economics

The New Normal in America: It's Not a Pretty Picture Get used to it folks. We are not returning to the good old days of 5-8 percent GDP increases every year or unemployment at below five percent or pre-2007 housing price levels or anything else that used to make America... Read more →