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June 2011

Cal Poly Ethics Blogs: Lindsey Franz on the Sexualization of Women in the Media

Cal Poly Student Lindsey Franz Examines Objectification of Women in Ads This is the second of a two-part series of postings of blogs by my accounting ethics students on the Ethics Sage website. I selected the two because they illustrate the quality of writing and thoughtfulness of students in the... Read more →

Cal Poly Ethics Blogs: Carleigh Lake on Osama's Death

Cal Poly Student Carleigh Lake Ethically Analyzes the Killing of Osama I am so pleased to use two of my accounting ethics students' ethics blogs on my own blog site because they illustrate the quality of writing and thoughtfulness of students in the Orfalea College of Business at the California... Read more →

Weinergate: Show Compassion or Kick the Bum Out?

The Psychology of Forgiveness Applied to Rep. Anthony Weiner A great deal has been said and written about Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) "mea culpa" on June 6. As an academic and one who believes deeply in forgiveness, I want to use a different tactic in this blog to analyze Weiner's action... Read more →

LinkedIn and Now Groupon IPO: Caveat Emptor

Groupon Model Not Sustainable Groupon filed its S-1 registration statement last week with the SEC for the company's $750 million initial public offering. According to co-founder Andrew Mason, “After selling out on our original mission of saving the world to start hawking coupons, in order to live with ourselves, we... Read more →

Infosys Visa Investigation

Is Infosys Using B-1 Visas for H-1B Workers? Infosys earlier this week said it received a subpoena from a federal court in the United States asking the Indian software exporter to provide sponsorship details of B-1 visas meant for its employees making short business-visits to the U.S. Allegedly, the company... Read more →

India, China and African Economic Development

What Should Be the U.S. Role in African Economic Development? It's been referred to as Dark Africa and The Lost Continent. These are descriptors used to capsulize the world's standoffish viewpoint of African economic development for all too many years. In the 1990s we heard of “Africa fatigue” in response... Read more →

Software Piracy in China

Cultural Considerations and Software Privacy in China Some say it's just part of the collectivist culture in China that emphasaizes sharing within groups and society while others point to the high cost of buying American software. Why not copy it and install it into computers so everyone benefits and costs... Read more →

Corporate Fraud in Chinese Company: Welcome to Capitalism

Fraud at Longtop Financial Affects Investor Confidence in Stocks of Chinese Companies This is the first of a two-part blog dealing with ethical issues that must be raised with respect to business practices in China and its growing role as a world economic powerhouse. Today I deal with the growing... Read more →