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Throw the Republicans and Democrats Out of Office

Politicians Have Violated the Public Trust Politicians have lost sight of their main responsibilities -- to serve the public interest, honor the public trust, and be faithful to their constituency. It's the latter that can get them into trouble as is the case with the current budget deliberations. The republicans... Read more →

Do You Consider Yourself Ethical?

How to Self-Assess Ethical Behavior I recently read an article Consider yourself ethical? New research says think again. Shannon Chapla reports on a new book titled “Blind Spots: Why We Fail to do What’s Right and What to do About it” that is co-authored by Max H. Bazerman and Ann... Read more →

Using Social Media to Detect Fraud

Social Networking Becomes a Tool to Detect Fraud Be careful what you tweet about or post on you Facebook because those social media sites and others are increasing being used by investigators to detect fraud. Internet detection includes a variety of frauds such as credit card fraud, health care fraud,... Read more →

Where is Casey Anthony?

It's Easier to Find Waldo than Casey Anthony Where is Casey Anthony? Enquiring minds want to know. She’s been reported to still be in Orlando. However, her lawyer, agent, friend and protector, Jose Baez has said she’s not in Orlando. Of course, we have every reason to believe Baez is... Read more →

Are Recent Tuition Hikes Justified in California Colleges and Universities?

Californians' Dream of 'Free' Education is An Illusion Links for quotes My last blog was about the commercialization of colleges and universities. My first discussed John Stoessel’s view that a college education is over-priced and that most students do not need a college education to be successful. For this third... Read more →

The Selling of American Universities

Commercialism and Universities This is the second in a three-part series of blogs on the state of colleges and universities. The first looked at John Stoessel’s criticisms of the value of a university education. In today’s blog I look at the disturbing trend of the commercialization of universities. This blog... Read more →

John Stoessel Labels College a Scam

Is College Worth It? Fox Business Network reporter and contrarian, John Stoessel, believes that attending college is a scam and argues that for many it is “often not worth the investment.” Stossel disputes findings that claim people who graduate from college earn more money in a lifetime than their peers... Read more →

Rush Limbaugh, Casey Anthony and Abortion

Limbaugh’s Insensitive Abortion Comments Rush Limbaugh is well known for his anti-abortion views including referring to abortion rights advocates as "feminazis," claiming that they have "made every abortion, regardless of cost, mandatory." Limbaugh has never acknowledged the human side of the abortion decision. The only more outrageous statement I’ve heard,... Read more →

What Is Civic Virtue?

Barriers to Being A Good Citizen Machiavelli called virtu civile ("civic virtue")--an ingrained tendency to form small-scale associations that create a fertile ground for political and economic development, even if the associations are not themselves political or economic. Civic virtue both expresses and builds trust and cooperation in the citizenry,... Read more →

Tweeting for Scholarships

How to Get Into College with 140 Characters Or Less Have you heard that Kentucky Fried Chicken awarded $20,000 in scholarship money to a high-school student with the best tweet. With a character limit of 140, applicants were required to write a short statement to explain why they are worthy... Read more →