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SEC Adoption of IFRS: An Inconvenient Truth

SEC Ignores Concerns in Roundtable Discussion The much anticipated SEC Roundtable discussion about IFRS adoption in the U.S. has come and gone and the world is still standing. I estimate that there was a 1,000,000:1 ratio of Americans interested in the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial when compared to... Read more →

Is J.P. Morgan A Criminal Enterprise?

Persistent Business Fraud Endemic to J.P. Morgan JP Morgan’s actions with respect to rigging bids on Municipal Bond sales, the packaging of mortgage loans as collateralized debt obligations, its relationship with Bernie Madoff Securities, and the facilitation of Enron’s special-purpose entities, together raise questions about whether the Company is working... Read more →

Cheap Flights Not So Cheap

"Creative" Airline Fees Choking Traveling Public From time to time I like to take a light-hearted look at some aspect of society that raises questions in all of our minds about the appropriateness of a company's or industry practices, and today's flying experience fits the bill. We all travel by... Read more →

Goals of Workplace Ethics Advice

Workplace Ethics Advice Answers Your Questions I have started a new blog on “Workplace Ethics Advice.” This blog expands on the Ethics Sage website to provide reasoned advice how best to deal with workplace ethics issues. Workplace ethics issues may include: What to do when you suspect financial wrongdoing by... Read more →

Was 'Reasonable Doubt' Reasonable in the Casey Anthony Verdict?

Was the Casey Anthony Verdict ‘Reasonable’? I do not typically blog about trials and jury verdicts but the Casey Anthony case has captured the imagination of the public. In many respects it represents a Greek tragedy that unfolded before our very eyes. Talk shows such as Headline News (HLN), a... Read more →

Societal Effects of Cyberbullying, Immoral Behavior, and the Cult of Celebrity

Ethics Being Ignored in 2012 Election It's all around us yet no one talks about. Why is that? I explore the possible reasons that politicians ignore the lack of ethics in society in this blog. Examples of immoral behavior pertain more to personal choices and include recent failings by politicians... Read more →

Homeless Veterans Basic Rights Ignored in L.A.

On July 4th We Reflect on Our Moral Obligation to Veterans On this July 4th it's important to reflect on our nation's disgraceful treatment of veterans in general and homeless veterans in particular. I have previously blogged about the fact that there are between 130,000 and 200,000 vets on the... Read more →

AACSB Urges Business Schools to Adapt to a Global Curricula Perspective

International Business Programs Necessary on College Campuses Business schools are lagging behind in preparing students for careers in an increasingly global world and need to become more strategic about how they weave cross-border content into their programs, according to a report by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business... Read more →

SEC IFRS Condorsement Approach Misguided

Conforming IFRS to GAAP Via Condorsement Process It's not a word in the English language, yet the SEC chose "condorsement" to describe the proposed process going forward to implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the U.S. SEC Deputy Chief Accountant Paul Beswick explains condorsement as an approach that permits... Read more →