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Obama Family Vacation Sets a Proper Tone for All Families

President Obama has been a frequent target of critics since he took office almost three years ago for his “frequent” vacations. Now, with the President and his family set to depart for Martha’s Vineyard, the outcries are beginning. How can he go on vacation at a time like this with a debt crisis at home, political upheaval in the Arab world, and the meltdown of European economies on the horizon? How can he go to Martha’s Vineyard, a playground for the rich and famous, while so many Americans are out of work, trying to deal with underwater mortgages, and struggling to make ends meet?

These are good questions – ones the President should consider whether he is on Martha’s Vineyard or not. I believe he does take these matters seriously. By now he is used to criticisms for taking vacations. It happened last summer as well. At that time I blogged about the attacks on the President’s character and offered my opinion that he deserves to take a vacation and the timing is dictated by the fact that his children will be returning for the new school year very shortly.

Americans are suffering real economic pain. We all need to be sensitive to their situation. But, does that mean we all should skip our vacations? No, and we should not begrudge the Obama’s their vacation time. The way I look at it, President Obama is acting as a responsible father to his children and husband to his wife by taking these trips especially during the summer when his children are out of school. Compared to previous presidents, the Obama children are young and at an impressionable stage in their lives. Just like other children of their age, they need quality time with both parents and Michelle Obama needs to be able to spend quality time with her husband. It must be next to impossible to do this while carrying out the business of the Presidency. President Obama is serving as a good role model for other parents and husbands in that regard.

Blog posted by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on August 18, 2011