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The Ethics Party -- A New Direction in American Politics

 Republican, Democrat, and Tea Parties Lack the Foundation of Ethics to Lead the U.S.

I believe we need a revolution in this country. Not a military or citizens' revolt. Not a violent revolution. Instead, a revolution of thought. It is in this vein that I offer up the Credo of a new political party -- The Ethics Party. Let me know what you think...

"We, the American people, in expressing our free speech rights and holding our representatives in Congress responsible for their actions, form a new political party -- The Ethics Party. We do so because none of the current parties represent the values we aspire to and insist they be applied to rebuilding the foundation of our great nation. We are deeply disappointed in our "leaders" in Washington. We abhor the arrogance displayed every time a party leader lays blame for our economic problems, including excessive spending and the accumulated budget deficit, on the other party. These leaders are so disconnected from the American people that we believe nothing short of a new political party can begin to address the economic decline, loss of respect in the world, and the abandoning of the foundational values that built our great nation. The battle cry of  The Ethics Party is: If you believe in these values -- honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, fairness, caring, respect, civic virtue and the work ethic -- we want you on our side as we try to change the direction of this country we love so much.”

Blog posted by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on August 8, 2011