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Will Teaching about LGBT in California Elementary Schools Lead to Cyber-bullying?

Unintended Consequences of Teaching Kids about LGBT Lifestyle On July 14, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a measure requiring California public schools to teach the historical contributions of gay Americans. Supporters of the new law believe teaching gay history will help to foster tolerance on campus. UC Berkeley professor... Read more →


Government Ineptness Underlies Occupy Movement This is the second in a series of blogs I’ll post on Fridays from now until election day to address critical issues facing our country. My blog last week dealt with the issue of who is to blame for class warfare (Blame Corporate America and... Read more →

Chinese Companies Financial Reporting Practices Escape US Regulators

Can We Trust the Financial Statements of Chinese Companies? I have previously addressed the growing questions about Chinese accounting principles and the reliability of the financial statements produced by state-owned and private enterprises. I called it “The Dark Side of Chinese Capitalism.” Questions continue to be raised about the value... Read more →

Blame Corporate America and Wall Street for “Class Warfare”

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Motivated by Corporate Greed and Fraud This blog first appeared as an opinion editorial in the online version of the Pacific Coast Business Times on October 21, 2011. At the Value Voters Summit on Friday, October 7, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said he is "increasingly concerned"... Read more →

Bullying and a Culture of Incivility

The Ethics of Workplace Bullying Does incivility lead to bullying? According to a survey commissioned by the Workplace Bullying Institute and carried out by Zogby International, the workplace is increasingly characterized by incidents of incivility and bullying, and this may be part of a general societal trend, exacerbated by tough... Read more →

Troy Davis and Capital Punishment Revisited

Time to End Capital Punishment I previously blogged about the Troy Davis execution and how I thought it was now time to end capital punishment in the U.S. I was interviewed by, the first African American news video community featuring original videos and articles on breaking news in opinion,... Read more →

Discrimination Against LGBT Individuals is Wrong!

Dedication of Dr. King Memorial and Discrimination Against LGBT You may have heard about Viki Knox, the Union Township, New Jersey teacher who referred to homosexuality as "a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation," and a "sin" that "breeds like cancer" on a Facebook thread about... Read more →

Pacific Coast Business Times Op ed - September 30, 2011

Cal Poly Faculty Votes to End International Business Program This item first appeared in the Pacific Coast Business Times on September 30, 2011 ( By a vote of 34 to 17, the business faculty at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo voted to end its separate international business concentration in the... Read more →

Pacific Coast Business Times Op ed - September 9, 2011

UCLA Accepts $10 million gift from Michael Milken This blog first appeared as an opinion editorial in the Pacific Coast Business Times ( on September 9, 2011. UCLA announced last month a $10 million gift from Lowell Milken to establish a business law institute in his name. The university described... Read more →

Does Teaching Ethics to Business School Students Improve Ethical Decision-Making?

Aspen Institute Study Provides Encouraging Data on B Schools Ethics Programs Post-financial meltdown, business schools are trying to make their graduates more responsible. But does taking one class on ethics work, or does a new ethical model need to permeate the curriculum? Many industry watchers saw business schools as contributing... Read more →