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Social Media Governance

Framework to Deal with the Use of Social Media Nothing short of a revolution in online communication and social media has been occurring over the last few years. The movement has gone beyond being an information security challenge and become a genuine governance issue. Boards of directors must take notice... Read more →

Harvard University Jumps on the Civility Bandwagon

Harvard Asks Freshmen to Sign a “Kindness Pledge” Harvard University officials are taking an unusual, even controversial, step to encourage civility and camaraderie on campus. They are asking freshmen to sign what’s being called a kindness pledge, which states that students will uphold the values of the institution and “sustain... Read more →

Internet Ethics

Internet Code of Ethics: Privacy Rights and Intellectual Capital Ethics deals with standards of human conduct that direct the behavior of individuals and groups. These standards, in turn, are developed by the society within which the individual or group exists. Since the Internet allows access to individuals and groups from... Read more →

Cyber-bullying: Online meanness and Young People

Online Meanness Affects a Young Person's Psyche I have previously blogged about the dangers of cyber-bullying. This blog is about one aspect of it -- online meanness directed against young people. Catherine Devine had her first brush with an online bully in seventh grade, before she'd even ventured onto the... Read more →

Ethical Hacking

Colleges Training Students to be “Ethical Hackers” Did you know college courses and degree programs are sprouting out on the subjecting matter of “Ethical Hacking?” Ethical hacking can be defined as the methodology adopted by [ethical] hackers to discover the vulnerabilities in existing in information systems’ operating environments with the... Read more →