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Financial Statement Fraud at Olympus

Japanese Cultural Values May Have Enabled the Cover-up of Fraud Most financial statement frauds extend for about 3-5 years before someone blows the whistle, the company makes a mistake, or it all catches up with them as the house of cards that built the fraud collapses. Not at Olympus Corporation,... Read more →

SAT Cheating Scandal Is a Low Point in High School Student Ethics

Cheaters Cheat, Honest kids are Harmed, and the Reliability of the SAT is Questioned Perhaps you saw the 60 Minutes segment last Sunday about Sam Eshaghoff, the Great Neck Long Isalnd, New York, student, now at Emory University, who officials said was paid to take tests for other kids. You... Read more →

Has Andrea Jung Been Treated Ethically by Avon Products?

Longest-serving Female CEO to Continue as Executive Chairman of Avon You may have heard by now that Avon Products CEO Andrea Jung, the longest-serving female CEO currently in the Fortune 500, will depart as CEO of the company but stay on as executive chairman thereby dividing the two roles. There... Read more →