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Fraud at Chinese Companies Raise Questions of Transparency and Oversight

SEC Brings Charges against Ming Zhao, chairman of Puda Coal Inc., and its former CEO, Liping Zhu I have previously blogged about ethical problems in Chinese Businesses and financial reporting practices that bring into question the trustworthiness of accounting and financial reporting practices by Chinese companies. In particular, a massive... Read more →

Gap Between Rich and Poor Widens

Will the Younger Generation Survive the Economic Downturn? I have previously blogged about the wealth gap in the U.S. in the conext of the "occupy" movement. A recent study by the Pew Institute provides evidence of this disturbing trend. The wealth gap between younger and older Americans has stretched to... Read more →

Have Mortgage Giants been held Accountable in the $25 Billion Foreclosure Settlement?

Mortgage Fraud Exposed: Subprime Loans, Fraudulent Foreclosure Practices and Robo-Signings The month of February has seen darks days for the largest mortgage companies in the U.S. Federal and state officials on February 9 announced a landmark $25-billion agreement with the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers to settle investigations involving foreclosure... Read more →

Academic Freedom and the Commercialization of Universities

The Ethics of Corporate-University Partnerships I have previously blogged about "The Selling of American Universities". In this blog I examine the ethics of university-corporate partnerships in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The depressed economy in the U.S. coupled with federal deficits, lack of state funding, budget cutbacks for higher education,... Read more →

Should Colleges Teach a Course on the Occupy Movement?

What is the Value of a Separate Course on the Occupy Movement? Last week Chicago’s Roosevelt University announced it is now offering a class on the recent Occupy Wall Street movement, allowing students to enroll in an up-to-date political science course that tries to examine the protest campaign that has... Read more →

Communitarianism as a Solution to our National Divide

Virtue and Communitarianism as the Antidote to Modern Capitalism I posted a blog last week about our inalienable right to pursue happiness and how virtuous behavior enables us to achieve that goal. One definition of virtue, based on the Aristotelian concept of dispositions or tendencies, is to be able to... Read more →

Republicans Ready to Obstruct Obama’s Housing Plan

John “no can do; no way” Boehner Exemplifies Ignorance and Insensitivity of Republicans Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) reacted negatively (no surprise there) and insensitively (less of a surprise) to the news that President Obama is proposing new legislation that would expand on a refinancing plan announced last... Read more →

“Big Brother” Google to Impinge on Personal Privacy

Google Policy on Sharing Information is Unethical By now you have heard that Google has developed a plan to link user data across its email, video, social-networking and other services as it consolidates more than 60 privacy guidelines it had for products into one master privacy policy. In a move... Read more →