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Press Coverage and Speaking Opportunities

I am a frequent speaker on ethics matters and am called upon from time to time to develop training materials in ethics and serve as an expert witness. To keep interested parties and my readers informed, I have prepared this post of some of the opinion editorials I have written and interviews by media outlets.

I write a monthly opinion editorial column for the Pacific Coast Business Times. One of my first columns was on the role of corporate America in the emerging class warfare and whether capitalism is a moral economic system. My last blog was on the ethics of whistle-blowing.

I also have been interviewed for my expertise in ethics by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (city ethics), the online publication The Grio, (the ethics of capital punishment), and the New York Times (workplace ethics).

From time to time I am invited to make presentations on ethics issues and lead group discussions. Finally, I  write courses for BISK education that provides continuing education in ethics for CPAs, and I continue to produce published research in a variety of areas in business and societal ethics. My textbook, Ethical Obligations and Decision-Making in Accounting, is in its second edition and will be revised next year.

I am excited to report that I will be spending three months in Melbourne, Australia during the fall term at La Trobe University while on sabbatical leave from Cal Poly. My goal is to look at ethics from an international perspective, develop case studies in international business ethics, and expand my blog writing to a global audience.

More to come...

Press Notice published by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on March 2, 2012