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"Black Box" Ethical Reasoning and the Atlanta Test-Cheating Scandal

Who is to Blame in the Atlanta Public School Cheating Scandal? The cheating scandal in Atlanta, which led to the indictment of 35 teachers and school officials last month, raises ethical issues related to whether tests are to blame for student cheating and for school administrators allowing teachers to help... Read more →

Is stepping on a Sheet of Paper with the name Jesus an Expression of Academic Freedom?

Academic Freedom, Religious Beliefs, and Civility in the Classroom Recently, I read about a self-proclaimed Christian instructor at Florida Atlantic University, Deandre Poole, who asked his students to write "Jesus" on a piece of paper and "Stomp on it." The exercise was from a textbook manual and was designed to... Read more →

'Black Jails' in China

Human Rights Challenges in China Black Jails in China are a network of extralegal detention centers established by Chinese security forces across the People's Republic of China in recent years. They are used mainly to detain, without trial, petitioners, who travel to seek redress for grievances unresolved at the local... Read more →

Rape, Suicide and Cyber-bullying

Social-Media, Cyber-bullying, and Suicide Becoming all too Common in Society Perhaps you’ve read the story of fifteen-year-old Audrie Pott who passed out drunk at a friend's house, woke up and concluded she had been sexually abused. In the days that followed, she was shocked to see an explicit photo of... Read more →

Should the SEC Permit Social Media Postings of Financial Information?

Financial Disclosures on Social Media Sites Raise Questions of Fairness and Security On April 2, the Securities and Exchange Commission outlined new disclosure rules that clarify how companies can use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to disseminate information provided they meet certain requirements. The SEC said that companies must... Read more →

KPMG Insider Trading Scandal Damaging to the Reputation of the Accounting Profession

What Possesses an Audit Partner to Trade on Insider Information? KPMG is embroiled in an insider trading scandal that concerns me because a pattern of such improprieties may be developing. In 2010, Deloitte and Touche was investigated by the SEC for repeated insider trading by Thomas P. Flanagan, a former... Read more →

Cyber-Bullying in Sports

Canadian Tennis Star Suspends Her Career Due to Cyber-bullying Imagine being ranked # 38 by the WTA and being named the Female Player of the Year by Tennis Canada two times, in 2010 and 2011, and then deciding to quit tennis because of cyber-bullying. This is the case of Rebecca... Read more →

Ban on Large Sugary Drinks: Personal Liberty vs. Personal Responsibility Issues

New York State Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Sugary Drinks I have previously blogged about the New York City law that banned sugary drinks greater than 16-ounces because of health concerns including the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease among youngsters. The law created a major controversy about how... Read more →

The Ethics of Profit Repatriation by U.S. Multinationals

U.S. Companies Using Short-Term Loans to Avoid Taxes on Repatriated Cash I have previously blogged about the use of transfer pricing techniques by U.S. companies to shift profits away from the U.S., which has the highest corporate tax rate (about 40%), to countries with lower tax rates such as Ireland... Read more →