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'Digital Dementia'

Left Brain – Right Brain – and the Effects of Excessive Use of Smartphones Dementia is no laughing matter as I have learned from my own experience with my mom. It is difficult to watch someone you have loved all your life slowly lose the capacity to remember events that... Read more →

United Technologies Violates its own Ethical Standards

Company warns of possible impact from US court order to pay $473M on fraud charges A federal court ordered that United Technologies Corp. pay $473 million plus interest to compensate for alleged fraud in its sale of fighter jet engines. Judge Thomas M. Rose of the U.S. Southern District Court... Read more →

The IRS Boldly goes where no Agency has Gone Before

Lavish Hotel Costs, Exorbitant Speaker Fees, and Start Trek Spook Demonstrate Stupidity and Insensitivity to American Values By now you have heard that the IRS used the power of its offices to harass conservatives and Tea Partiers in hopes of forcing them to stay out of the 2012 election cycle.... Read more →

The “Ethical and Right Way” of Raising Children

The Motivation behind being a ‘Tiger Mom,’ a blog by Cam Tran My ethics students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are required to write a blog on a topic of deep interest illustrating their knowledge of ethical reasoning. The following is a blog by Cam Tran, one of the... Read more →

What's Wrong with Eating Lion Meat?

Lion-meat tacos, with a side of controversy This blog was previously posted but I receieved an important comment that I include below from Megan Knauss from Born Free USA. The original blog follows the comment. Comment by Megan Knauss [email protected] Ethics Sage: First, thank you for the mention! Second, in... Read more →

What was the Motivation for Bradley Snowden to Blow the Whistle on the NSA?

Looking at the Ethics of Whistleblowing Unless you are an ostrich you know that Edward Snowden, a twenty-nine-year-old former C.I.A. employee and government contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton until he was fired for his actions on June 11, leaked news of National Security Agency (NSA) programs that collect vast... Read more →

Is Following the Law the Same as Being Ethical?

IRS Official Invokes Ethical Legalism as a Defense A question I got from my students all the time is if I follow all the laws doesn’t that mean I have acted ethically? I explain there is a difference between following the laws and making ethical decisions because the laws can’t... Read more →

Civility and Michelle Obama’s Handling of the Heckler

Was Michelle’s Response Proper? Was Michelle Obama’s reaction to a heckler last week an example of civility or incivility? Did she go too far in talking down a heckler while she was speaking at a private fundraising event in Northwest Washington? In case you haven’t heard, Michelle was interrupted by... Read more →

Should Illegal Immigrants be Given Driver’s Licenses?

Rewarding Bad Behavior Numerous states are considering issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants while one state, New Mexico, is struggling to prevent out-of-staters from fraudulently obtaining them. Until recently, undocumented immigrants were able to obtain driver's licenses or permits only from three states: New Mexico, Washington and Utah. But that... Read more →

Abuse of Disabled Passes at Disney

The ‘Magical Kingdom’ not Magical for those on Long Lines It's made headlines recently. We all know how frustrating it is, waiting in those long lines at Disney. But now some families are cheating the system. They're hiring disabled tour guides so they can cut right to the front. Two... Read more →