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Weiner Sexting Gate Redux

Should Weiner drop out of the NYC Mayoralty Race? Perhaps there is a good reason for the term “mayoralty.” The word includes the notion of moral, but then again it may just mean royalty. Who knows? Who cares? We have all become cynical to the extent that it shouldn’t be... Read more →

When in China do as the Chinese do?

Chinese Securities Regulator Agrees to Cooperate with the U.S. SEC? – OR NOT The U.S. SEC has long sought the cooperation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) in the SEC’s investigation of U.S. audit firms with Chinese clients charged with improper accounting and financial reporting practices. Last week, China's... Read more →

Our Kvetching Society

Is Complaining about the Zimmerman verdict Justified? The work “kvetch” is a Yiddish term that means to complain persistently and whiningly. Leonard Ross, the child prodigy who won the $64,000 Challenge game show at the age of 11, is quoted as saying that a nagging complainer is one who goes... Read more →

What should we make of the Zimmerman Verdict?

How we react to the Zimmerman Verdict defines our National Character It is a tragedy that Trayvon Martin’s life was taken by George Zimmerman. It is a tragedy that his family will not see him grow out of his teens into his life as an adult. They won’t see him... Read more →

Global Corruption and Observations from the U.S.

Results from the Global Corruption Barometer 2013 On July 9, Transparency International issued its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer. The Barometer is the world’s largest public opinion survey on corruption. The 2013 edition surveyed 114,000 people in 107 countries and asked for people’s views on corruption in their country, and in... Read more →

Adulterers and Political Comebacks: The Cases of Spitzer, Weiner, and Sanford

Prostitution seems to be a Ticket to Ride the Political Waves We have finally found a place for reformed over-sexed men who fell from political office as a result of disgraceful personal behavior. Last week, Eliot Spitzer announced his candidacy for New York City comptroller. One barrier in his way... Read more →

California Education Initiative Misguided

Governor Brown’s New School Funding Mechanism Won't Save the State's Failing Education System Will Governor Jerry Brown’s legacy be known as transforming the state’s dysfunctional school funding system? The general consensus seems to be ‘yes.’ The reason is Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula that is supposed to fund all school... Read more →

Is Monster Drink Legally or Ethically Responsible for the Death of Young People?

Is Excessive Consumption a Problem of Company Negligence or Personal Choice? The issue I address in this blog is whether an energy drink that contains caffeine, and the company that created it, should be held liable for deaths that occur after drinking excessive amounts of the product. Is it a... Read more →