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Mercy Rule in California Youth Football League sets the bar as a Low as Possible

Halting games when score differential is 35 points or more sends the wrong signal The commissioner of the California youth football league that defended the “mercy rule” in the league has been quoted as saying: "When you see these kids line up at the end of the game to shake... Read more →

Mass Killings and Anger Management

How to Cope as a Society with Violence in the Workplace One week after Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, killed 12 people and wounded 8 others in an incident of workplace violence, questions have been raised about his mental health. The red flags were there. In the weeks... Read more →

Do we need a new law to prevent fraud in Obamacare?

Proposed No Subsidies without Verification law reflects the decline of Moral Values in Society I don’t get it. Why would we need a new law to prevent fraud and abuse in the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)? Don’t we have enough laws on the books already? Aren’t fraud and abuse... Read more →

Ethics and Millennials

Is the future of Workplace Ethics at Risk? Are there differences in attitudes toward ethical issues between today’s millennial generation and past generations? Is it true, as I have written before, that today’s generation lacks basic work ethic skills and seem more intrigued by the Internet and social media than... Read more →

Lying on Resumes Reaching Epidemic Proportions

Truth in Advertising One's Education, Experiences, and Job Skills As the famous television doctor, Gregory House, likes to say -- everyone lies.” That seems to be the case on resumes in increasing proportions these days. Some offenders will argue that embellishing one’s skill set is necessary to get a foot... Read more →