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“Knockout” Game Latest Example of our Sick Society

What can we say about a society where beating others for the thrill of it is acceptable behavior? I’ve become aware over the past few months that most of my blogs deal with the cultural shift in America over the years from respect for each other, treating others the way... Read more →

Debunking American Exceptionalism IV: Declining Educational Achievement

Work Ethic, Accountability, and Personal Responsibility Lacking as Core Values of our Education System The United States has been slipping in educational achievement of middle and high-school students for years. Our national concern first started in earnest with the publication in 1983 of the influential report A Nation at Risk,... Read more →

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Ethics in life and Ethics in the Workplace must be Cultivated Good people strive to do the right thing. They recognize that their actions have consequences. They are aware of the rights of others and act in a way they hope others would act if faced with similar situations that... Read more →

Debunking American Exceptionalism III: Incompetency

Social Media Sensibility Motivates Uncaring Behavior that has led to a Decline in American Exceptionalism This is the third in a weekly series of blogs on the decline of American Exceptionalism. Two weeks ago I dealt with the epidemic of violence in our schools, workplaces, and public venues. Last week... Read more →

Physicists probe urination 'splashback' problem…It’s No Joke!

Urination flow and the Rights of Toilet-Users Every once in a while I come across a story that seems so bizarre that I like to borrow from it to blog on a topic everyone wants to better understand. Today it is that U.S. physicists have studied the fluid dynamics of... Read more →

Accounting for the Public Interest: Perspective of the Ethics Sage

New Publication Outlines the Evolution of Social Accounting In an increasingly globalized business environment, enterprises are now under ever-greater pressure to meet continuously rising objectives. However, as the corporate community expands, so do its social responsibilities. Therefore a commitment to ethical accounting practices is the bedrock of a socially-conscious organization... Read more →

Debunking American Exceptionalism Part II: Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Government

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Endemic in our System of Government Last week I began a series of blogs debunking American Exceptionalism by focusing on the spreading violence in our schools, workplaces, shopping malls, and other venues.Two weeks ago I blogged about the ethics of Obamacare and pointed out the program,... Read more →

Some Thoughts on the Ethics of Being versus the Ethics of Doing

Being Ethical is not the same as Doing the Right Thing In business, ethics are about what to do when good behavior and profitable business are not necessarily the same thing. Some years ago, sociologist Raymond Baumhart asked business people, "What does ethics mean to you?" Among their replies were... Read more →

Debunking American Exceptionalism

Violence in America is part of our DNA The week ended when Paul Ciancia pulled a Smith & Wesson .223-caliber assault rifle from his duffel bag and fired repeatedly at point-blank range at a TSA officer. Ciancia killed that officer and continued on to shoot another and a few passengers... Read more →

Another Child Commits Suicide after Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-Stalking and Cyber-Bullying Have No Place in a Civil Society What should we make as a supposedly civil society of the fact that yet another child, Rebecca Sedwick, committed suicide after being bullied through Facebook posts? I’ve blogged about this disease infecting our society many times before. Cyber-bullying is the... Read more →