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Mental Disorders in America a Cause of Rising Violence in our Schools

What are the signs and what can we do about mental illness in youngsters? Mental disorders are more common in the United States than we had once assumed. Recent shootings at schools have raised the issue whether mental illness is the cause and, if so, what can be done about... Read more →

Civility in Society is an Ethical Issue

SFSU student’s call for civility starts with ‘I feel your pain’ I recently read a piece by Ryan Ariel Simon on on December 19 that addresses the atmosphere on the campus of San Francisco State University. Having taught there for ten years, I was particularly interested in Ryan’s take... Read more →

From Decline to Survival – Steven Mintz Draws Attention to the Essence of “American Exceptionalism”

American Exceptionalism Revisited The following is a summary of my perspective on the decline of 'American Exceptionalism' that I have shared with my readers the past seven weeks. It is written in the form of a promotional piece for publicity sake so please bare with me in that regard. Dr.... Read more →

Foreign Bribery and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

German Company Bilfinger SE violates the FCPA The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) establishes standards for the acceptability of payments made by U.S. multinational entities or their agents to foreign government ­officials. The act includes ‘bribery’ payments made by U.S. subsidiaries of no-U.S. companies, an example of which is Bilfinger... Read more →

A Historical View of ‘American Exceptionalism’

The 225 year journey of ‘American Exceptionalism: 1789 to 2014 I have searched for a way to close out the blogs I have written for six weeks on whether ‘American Exceptionalism’ still exists. I realize the best way to do it is discuss how the notion of the U.S. being... Read more →

Flash Parties, the offspring of Flash Mobs, yet another Example of Teenage Immaturity and Unethical Behavior

Teens Crash former ex-NFL Player Brian Holloway’s home and document their obnoxious behavior on social media Today’s teenagers think and act at least five years younger than their chronological age. The latest example of immature young kids acting ridiculously is flash parties whereby a group of young people plan a... Read more →

Global Survey: U.S. Now #1 in Charitable Giving: American Exceptionalism Lives On

The Ethics of Charitable Giving and the Goodness of Americans The United States now ranks the highest in terms of charity in a comprehensive global survey conducted by Charities Aid Foundation (CAFAmerica), a member organization of the United Kingdom based Charities Aid Foundation International Network of Offices, providing charitable financial... Read more →

U.S. 15 and 16-year olds rank 36th of 65 countries in PISA Educational Achievement Tests

Education Efforts in the U.S. are a Resounding Failure I’m not surprised. I have consistently blogged about the failed education system in the U.S. Just last week I blogged about the failure of our educational system as one of the reasons the U.S. concept of American Exceptionalism no longer is... Read more →

Debunking American Exceptionalism V: Immigration Reform

The Ethics of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Program One of the most difficult questions facing America from an ethical point of view is whether illegal immigrants should be sent home and told to go through the proper channels to be given an opportunity to become U.S. citizens or should they... Read more →