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Facebook and Business Ethics: Five Questions to Ponder

Guest Blog by Dr. Todd Bacile: Five Ethics Questions about the Social Giant From time to time I reader other bloggers work on business ethics and ask for permission to repost it on The following thoughtful piece was written by Dr. Todd Bacile, a Marketing professor at Loyola University... Read more →

What do School Shootings and Richard Sherman have in Common?

Violence in our Society and Stupidity on the Football Field Last night I heard about yet another shooting in a shopping mall; yet another random act of violence in the most violent nation on earth excluding, of course, politically-motivated violence such as we see in the Middle East and Africa.... Read more →

Are College Professor-Authors being cheated out of Royalties on their Textbooks?

The Brave New World of College Textbook Distribution There is no doubt that the cost of traditional-form college textbooks has gotten out of hand. That is why secondary markets are flourishing. College textbook prices are 812 percent higher than they were a little more than three decades ago, the American... Read more →

Computer Usage and Social Media Linked to Anti-Social Behavior

Tweeting, Texting, and Smartphone use can lead to Violence, Cyberbullying, and Hedonistic Behavior To me, the biggest problem facing our youth, the core values of our society, and the way we treat each other is the excessive use of social media. I believe the unrestrained use of social media by... Read more →

Are Colleges and the NCAA failing our Student-Athletes?

What should we do about Student Athletes that read below grade level? On January 8, CNN released its analysis of reading abilities among college athletes. CNN chose a sampling of public universities where open records laws apply. It sought data from a total of 37 institutions, of which 21 schools... Read more →

JPMorgan Settlement Misses the Ethics Lesson in the Madoff Fraud

Lack of Individual Accountability Sends the Wrong Message to Wall Street The announcement that JP Morgan will pay about $2.6 billion for its role in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme is ethically reprehensible because not one executive of the firm is being held criminally or even civilly liable for the... Read more →

Sport Ethics

Gamesmanship versus Sportsmanship Now that the post-season playoffs have started in professional football I thought it would be a good time to discuss sport ethics. The past year has seen several instances of bad sportsmanship and some of these are discussed below. I look at sports from an ethical perspective... Read more →

Rude and Inconsiderate Behavior: Declining Civility in America

Thoughtlessness is at Alarming Levels in the U.S. I recently returned from a trip to Florida and kept notes on the various types of rude and thoughtless behavior of those I observed or interacted with during the trip. While I am a frequent critic of ethics in America and the... Read more →