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“Is Business Ethics an Oxymoron?”

This reposting is from an article published recently in the FTI Journal, titled “Is Business Ethics an Oxymoron?” by Frank Holder, Chairman of FTI Consulting’s Forensic and Litigation Division in Latin America. Scandals. Fines. Show trials. These days, just doing business can appear almost criminal. While government-imposed regulation can soothe... Read more →

Ethical Responsibilities of the NFL: Incognito, Martin and Sam

Harassment and Cyberbullying have no place in Sports On February 17 I read a tweet by Richie Incognito that said: “I would like to send Jonathan [Martin] my apologies as well. Until someone tells me different you are still my brother. No hard feelings :)” This email followed others on... Read more →

UK Bribery Act: An Ethical Analysis

A guest blog on whether there is a defense to bribery From time to time I receive a comprehensive response to a blog I have written as part of an ethics assignment. The posting below by Jen is in response to one such blog on “UK Firm Fined for Inadequate... Read more →

Cheating Scandals at the Navy and Air Force bring Integrity into Question

Ethics Failures can be attributed to the Culture of the Military Services Last Tuesday the U.S. Navy said it had begun an investigation into whether senior enlisted sailors training on nuclear reactors had been cheating on written tests, adding to the list of recent military cheating scandals. Admiral John M.... Read more →

Do Social Networkers have a Right to Privacy in the Workplace?

Guidelines for Responsible Behavior on Social Media Millennials and Generation Xers don’t respond very well to a strict set of rules such as what is and is not appropriate behavior when using social media. For all too many it seems like social media is their lifeline to communicate with others;... Read more →