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Sexual Assault against Women on College Campuses is Spreading

Colleges are Failing to Protect Women on Campus A couple of weeks ago California Representative Jackie Speier (D-Hillsborough) said she would press for more aggressive action against sexual assault on college campuses with increased funding for federal investigators, annual campus surveys and more comprehensive data on the outcomes of cases.... Read more →

Insider Trading in Accounting Violates Basic Ethical Standards

Independence and Integrity Compromised by Insider Trading I am re-posting this blog because my website has been down the past few days so some readers may have missed it. Thanks you for your continuing interest and support of my work. You may be interested in my other website: I... Read more →

Insider Trading in Accounting Violates Basic Ethical Standards

Independence and Integrity Compromised by Insider Trading I have previously blogged about the case of Scott London, an audit partner at KPMG who traded on inside information and violated the accounting profession’s most sacred ethical standard of audit independence. London was convicted of leaking confidential information to his friend, Brian... Read more →

Murrysville and Fort Hood Shootings: Should we be Surprised?

Lack of Parenting, Personal Responsibility, and an Entitlement Society Underlies Mass Killings Last Wednesday, emergency responders gathered in the parking lot on the campus of Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville PA, after an attack there left 21 people, nearly all of them students, injured. Most suffered stab wounds or... Read more →

Reflections on “How to Motivate Millennials”

What Defines the Work Character of the Millennial Generation? Yesterday I read a blog about “How to Motivate Millennials” by Bruce Mayhew that was published in the Huffington Post. Mayhew had received comments from his readers who feel Millennials are not motivated. The comments were in response to a piece... Read more →

Academic Medical Center Leaders’ Position on the Board of Directors of a Pharmaceutical Company Can Create a Conflict of Interest

Analyzing the Ethics of Deans and Directors Sitting on Boards of Drug Companies Is it a violation of ethical standards to have leaders of academic medical centers paid for their work and sit on the boards of big drug companies? Does it create a conflict of interest that could taint... Read more →

Developing the Reasoning Skills through Education to Create a More Ethical Society

Changes to the SAT Miss an Opportunity to Develop Ethical Reasoning Skills Late in life Adam Smith observed that government institutions can never tame and regulate a society whose citizens are not schooled in a common set of virtues. “What institutions of government could tend so much to promote the... Read more →