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The Culture of Incompetence at the VA is Sickening

Indifference, Laziness, and a Declining Work Ethic Threatens the Fabric of Society We have a culture of incompetence in the U.S. Too many workers do not care about the quality of their work, timeliness of doing it, and, in some cases, whether the work gets done at all. In large... Read more →

The Life of Benjamin Franklin and Ethical Principles

Doing well by Doing Good Doing well by doing right has many interpretations such as by your good deeds, you have achieved success and are doing well. Very few of us would look to the life of Benjamin Franklin and his life experiences to provide an example of leading one’s... Read more →

Do NBA Players Ever Commit a Foul During a Game?

“Game Respect” Fouls are Designed to Encourage NBA Players to Act Like Men, Not Children When your child acts out do you give him a time out or ignore it and walk away? This is the question the NBA faced when in 2010 it broadened the circumstances under which officials... Read more →

Does Sterling’s Punishment fit the Crime?

Racist Comments Reflect Ignorance of our Societial Values I grew up in the 1960s and recall many arguments with my parents over the treatment of African-Americans in the U.S. The differences were not whether schools should be segregated or blacks should sit in the back of the bus or that... Read more →