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Starbucks – Arizona State University Online education partnership is an example of Corporate Responsibility

Walking the talk of workplace ethics As an academic and proponent of business ethics, I was delighted to read that Starbucks and Arizona State University (ASU) have developed a new scholarship partnership. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan (CAP) is available to company employees who enrolled full time or part time.... Read more →

Workplace Behavior: The Ethics behind Sexual Assault in the Military

Sexual Assault in the Military and the Military Justice System From time to time I assign a project to my ethics students to identify a blog already written and present an alternative view or expound on the points made by the blogger. The following blog was submitted by one of... Read more →

No World for Old People

Battle Hymn for Seniors I recently returned from a trip to see my mom who is 95 years old and living in an assisted living facility. Dad passed away about 1 ½ years ago so an assisted living facility is the best place for my mom who can barely see... Read more →

Cancellation of Commencement Speakers a Slap in the Face to Academic Free Speech

Condoleezza Rice and Christine Lagarde get Caught up in Political Correctness I’m baffled by the actions of a few universities that de facto disinvited two accomplished women who were scheduled to give commencement speeches because a group of students objected to actions that occurred during their tenure as leaders of... Read more →