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Are Corporate Inversions a Violation of Ethics?

What is the "Fair Share" concept and "Social Responsibility" of Corporate Income Tax Payments to the U.S. Government? I recently blogged about tax inversion with respect to Walgreens possible relocation to Europe as a way to reduce its corporate tax burden. Three hedge funds and a Goldman Sachs investment fund... Read more →

Evaluating the Ethics of Affirmative Action Policies on University Campuses

University of Texas Affirmative-Action Program is upheld by a Federal Appeals Court Are affirmative action policies ethical ones for a university to follow? This is the overriding question to be addressed in evaluating race-based decisions about admissions to colleges and universities. I raise the issue because a federal appeals-court panel... Read more →

Walgreens Proposes Move to Europe to Take Advantage of ‘Tax Inversion’

Are American Companies Ethically Obligated to Pay Taxes in the U.S? U.S. corporations are not legally obligated to pay taxes in the U.S. if they can shift net sales revenue to an overseas subsidiary in a country with a lower tax rate than in the U.S. The question is whether... Read more →

Facebook's Actions Violate Security Rights of Users

Facebook Oblivious to its Ethical and Corporate Responsibilities Recently it was revealed that when you agreed to Facebook's terms and conditions, you were agreeing to become a subject in a psychology experiment. Facebook permitted an academic research team to conduct an experiment on a huge number of Facebook's users back... Read more →

Scott London Rationalizes Insider Trading prior to going to Prison

Ethical Blindness Motivates Egregious Behavior Scott London, a former partner of KPMG, was convicted of insider training last month and sentenced to five months in prison, a laughable sentence in light of his trading on inside information about KPMG clients while auditing their books. On June 27, 2014, just prior... Read more →