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Proposed California Sex Consent Law Goes Too Far

“No Means No’ an Example of Trying to Legislate Behavior As colleges and universities prepare for the new academic year, this is a good time to discuss a growing problem on campuses throughout the U.S. – sexual assault on women. I have previously blogged about the problem. Now, the California... Read more →

Who is Responsible for Cheating in College?

Cheating Scandals at Notre Dame and Harvard Raise Questions about Student Responsibilities and Professors’ Ethical Obligations Academic cheating and fraud is prevalent today. The scandal at Notre Dame that was revealed on August 15, and a scandal at Harvard in 2012, stand out as examples of how even the best... Read more →

eHarmony Commercial is e-Tasteless

When did ‘Making Out’ Become a “Dimension of Compatibility”? Have you seen the new eHarmony commercial where a man and woman are celebrating their 10th anniversary by making out on a sofa? eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren is seen at the party in the commercial by drinking some champagne. As... Read more →

When Did the U.S. Forfeit its Moral Leadership in the World?

Courage and Leadership is Lacking in Dealing with Foreign Crises Typically I avoid blogging about political issues. However, I frequently blog about societal issues that have an ethics element. One of the most important ethical values is courage in the sense of standing up for our principles. The issue is... Read more →