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Is Whistleblowing an Ethical Practice?

What Motivates a Person to Blow the Whistle on Financial Wrongdoing? Whistleblowing has become a more accepted practice in our society in part because the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act sanctions the practice under specific circumstances. The questions I address in today’s blog are: What are the values exhibited by a... Read more →

Civility in Sports takes another Hit

When will Owners Learn that everything you Say can and will be Held against you in the Court of Public Opinion By now you would think that owners of professional sports teams would have learned that 'Everything you Say can and will be Held against you in the Court of... Read more →

Beware of the Hidden Risks in Owning Shares in Alibaba’s IPO

Alibaba’s Unique Structure fraught with Danger for Potential Shareholders Caveat emptor is a term that fits the upcoming IPO of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba. The risk is due to the unique ownership interest in the company. This is an interesting IPO because it is a foreign entity and the American... Read more →

Can Business Schools Teach Ethics Effectively?

What should the Goals Be of Teaching Ethics to Business School Students? Years ago my ethics professor asked our class: Can Business Schools Teach Ethics? More than half of the class said ‘no’. The rest of us said ‘yes’ but we had no idea how to teach ethics effectively. Many... Read more →