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A few thoughts on teaching Ethics

Are Business Schools using the Best Approach to Teach Ethics? The other day I reflected on a lecture I gave to my ethics students on how to apply philosophical reasoning methods to teach business ethics. I wondered whether my students were grasping the difficulties that exist in making one’s voice... Read more →

Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a Holiday?

Productivity Suffers post-Super Bowl: A Good Reason for a Holiday? Now that we know the Seattle Seahawks will play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, it is time to dust off the long-standing argument that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. What’s the... Read more →

Who Speaks for the American People?

Republicans in the House haven’t learned the lesson of the Mid-term Elections It’s business as usual in the Republican-led House of Representatives. Yesterday the House voted to overturn President Obama's immigration actions from last November -- and to unravel a directive from 2012 protecting immigrants who came to the U.S.... Read more →

Are you an Ethical Person?

Basic Principles of Ethical Behavior How do you know if you are an ethical person? Most of us would say it’s knowing the difference between right and wrong. But that’s not enough because a person of integrity acts on his or her convictions about right and wrong regardless of the... Read more →

Should School Kids be Suspended or Expelled for “Willful Defiance” Behavior?

New Law in California Replaces Personal Responsibility with Ethical Relativism California has become the first state in the nation to prohibit schools from suspending or expelling students who engage in “willful defiance” behavior. One reason for the passage of Assembly Bill 420, according to the sponsors, is that it has... Read more →