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The Message of Ashley Madison: The Importance of Regulating One’s Own Behavior on Social Media

Don't be a Jerk Using Social Media Social media. We can’t live without but can we thrive ethically with it? What’s needed now is for someone, or some group, to develop a code of ethics for those using social media especially targeted to creepy people. Some of the postings I... Read more →

Civility and Respect: The Trump Factor

Trump Lacks the Decency to be President of the U.S. Donald Trump has excused himself for his offensive comments about women by saying, “I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.” However, the country must have time... Read more →

Can Commercialism and Professionalism Co-Exist in the Accounting Profession?

Conflicts of Interest between Non-audit and Audit Services threatens Independence What we see today in the accounting profession is troubling. Increased commercial activities threatens the independence cornerstone of the profession that underlies its public interest obligation. Audit firms are pushing the envelope in their involvement with non-audit services that makes... Read more →

Reflections on “I am Cait’

LGBT Community Sensitively Portrayed on TV Show Congratulations to E Entertainment for its portrayal of the challenges faced by the LGBT community. I have watched the first two segments of the “I am Cait’ television show and have been touched by the LGBT adults who have so openly shared their... Read more →