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What is the Difference between Morals and Ethics?

Morality v Ethics in Society Many people bristle at the word “morality” but are quite comfortable using the term “ethical”, and insist there’s some crucial difference between the two. For instance, some people say ethics are about external, socially imposed norms, while morality is about individual conscience. Others say ethics... Read more →

Workplace Values and Expectations of the Millennial Generation

Hiring and keeping Millennials Happy in the 21st Century This was first posted on October 20, 2015 and failed to reference some statements by Jamie Gutfreund in an article in Forbes by Rob Asghar. The issues are important so I am posting the blog with the corrections. If you want... Read more →

Has Political Correctness Run Amok in Elementary Schools?

The value of having a ‘Recess Consultant’ Sometimes I read a story and just shake my head. Why are they doing this? What are they thinking? What are they trying to accomplish? And, in the case of my opinion piece below, is this a case of political correctness run amok?... Read more →

What is the link between Ethical Leadership and Business Ethics?

Ethical Leaders lead by Example According to a Gallup Poll taken in 2013, only 21 percent of people characterized business executives as having “high” ethical standards—a little above lawyers (19 percent), but below bankers (28 percent) and journalists (28 percent). Whether that’s deserved or not, it’s nevertheless true that executives... Read more →