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An Exploration of the “Rightness’ of Today’s College Student Protests

The Role of University Administration in Student Dissent Racial tensions at the University of Missouri that started back in October have sparked a series of demonstrations against discrimination and intolerance on college campuses throughout the United States. Since the resignation of Mizzou’s president and chancellor November 9, protesters have organized... Read more →

The Lost Art of Respect for Authority

The Challenges for Respect, Civility and Morality in Society It used to be that we respected police, teachers, legislators and our parents. We respected people in authority positions because they had just that – authority to keep our streets safe, show us the way to a better life – a... Read more →

Big Pharma: Where is the corporate social responsibility in High Drug Prices?

Are Big Pharma Drug Prices Out of Control? Imagine you just went to your local pharmacy and were told that the cost of a life-saving drug was $22,500 for 30 tablets to treat AIDS or another infectious disease. Well, if you needed the drug Daraprim that is what you would... Read more →

How should we deal with disruptive students in schools?

Parents: Get with it. Teachers: Use it as a teachable moment. Students: Wise up before it is too late Last Friday about 100 students at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina walked out of class briefly to show support for Ben Fields, a school resource officer, after he was... Read more →