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Concerns about Assigning College Students Papers for Wikipedia

Should College Professors Assign Papers to Improve Content on Wikipedia? Should college professors assign Wikipedia content reviews and edits for course credit? It is an important question because traditionally most college freshmen are told that they shouldn't use Wikipedia. It’s an unacceptable source for term papers and to assign students... Read more →

Are U.S. Students Lazy or Lacking a Work Ethic?

Who is to Blame for Lack of Achievement in Math and Science? The Pew Research results of a study of achievement in math and science that compares high school students around the world clearly show U.S. students are lagging behind their counterparts. The question is why. Who is to blame... Read more →

Ethics Education Podcast with CPA Australia

Challenges of Teaching Ethics to Accounting Students I was recently interviewed by CPA Australia on my views as they pertain to the challenges of teaching ethics to accounting students. I address a variety of points including what it means to be an accounting professional and how we can, as educators,... Read more →

What is the Essence of Ethical Behavior?

Reclaiming ‘The Golden Rule’ Acting ethically has become a lost art. Most people do not stop and think whether they are about to do the “right” thing before making a decision when conflicting interests exist. For example, Joe Paterno at Penn State failed to act on information that his assistant... Read more →

The Ethical Link Between Our Beliefs and Our Actions

Cognitive Dissonance and Ethical Decision-Making A highly ethical person knows his or her values, principles and beliefs. Those values, principles and beliefs would then determine one’s actions when faced with an ethical dilemma. A person who does not understand or fully know his or her values, principles and beliefs, might... Read more →