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Socioeconomic Effects of the Uber Model

Costs and Benefits of Uber versus Taxicabs Is it possible that the Uber ride-sharing app is worth between $60 billion and $70 billion as has been reported? Can Uber’s market valuation be higher than that of the automobile companies that make the cars its drivers use? To put it into... Read more →

Memo to Ryan Lochte: Avoid the Slippery Slope

Ethical Failings: Unprincipled Behavior and not Accepting Responsibility The only thing Ryan Lochte is sorry for is getting caught. The 12-time Olympic medalist in swimming disgraced the U.S. and disrespected the people of Brazil when he concocted a story about being robbed at gun point with the gun held to... Read more →

What ever Happened to Common Sense and Common Decency?

Why we have Lost our Moral Compass I have blogged many times before about the loss of a moral compass in society. It goes much deeper than simply not being able to distinguish right from wrong. It goes to the very core of our being. Many people don’t even know... Read more →

Snowden and WikiLeaks at Odds on Releasing DNC Emails

An Ethical Evaluation of Actions by WikiLeaks and Snowden The New York Times reports that while both Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks may both support the dissemination of government secrets, they seem to disagree on how best to do it. On July 28, 2016, Snowden, the former government contractor who released... Read more →


Kill the Messenger Syndrome and the DNC "#DemExit" refers to Sanders delegates walking out of the DNC and is an appropriate title for this blog because the hacking incident referred to in this blog may have contributed to Sanders losing to Clinton and stoked the anger of those delegates. The... Read more →