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What is a ‘Moral Organ’

Nourishing our Ethical Self To lead an ethical life, we cannot rely on our feelings no matter how powerful they might be. Our feelings may be irrational and may be the product of prejudice, selfishness, or cultural conditioning. Our decisions must be guided by reason and the (ethical) motivation to... Read more →

Common Sense Ethics

Strengthening Intuitive-Based Decision Making When faced with an ethical dilemma, how do you respond? Many people simply rely on common sense to reason through the conflict and decide on an appropriate course of action. Many common things are not easy to do and may requires efforts and skills. This is... Read more →

The Role of Responsible Citizenship During the Trump Administration

What Should We Make of Americans Looking to Emigrate from the U.S.? People who are seriously considering leaving the U.S. in the wake of the election seem to me to be acting like petulant children who didn’t get their way and now act out to express their displeasure with the... Read more →

When Are Our Actions Morally Praiseworthy?

Doing Good by Being a Good Person What makes one person speak out and blow the whistle on wrongdoing while another remains silent? Is it a “moral sense,” as Thomas Jefferson wrote, that instinctively motivates a person’s thoughts and actions? Is it motivated by avoiding harm to others? The other... Read more →

The Lost Art of Morality in Politics: Trump vs. Clinton

Get Out and Hold Your Nose, and then Vote! Here’s the good news. Our long national nightmare is over tomorrow. Tomorrow I can wash off the muck of the presidential campaign and go back to watching true reality TV rather than the one which has played out since June 2015... Read more →

Ethics Without Indoctrination

Teaching Ethics to College Students Do you teach ethics to your college students as I do? If so, how do you avoid teaching ethics without student’s feeling like you are trying to convert them to one set of beliefs or another? These are important issues for us as educators. Personally,... Read more →

Everyday Ethics     

Principles of Ethical Behavior It’s not so much that The Golden Rule establishes a moral code for society as it provides guidance on how we should lead our daily lives. The Golden Rule Says to: Treat Others the Way We Want to be Treated. It is a mantra we should... Read more →