Should Colleges Teach Civil Discourse?
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Are Colleges and Universities Serving the Public Good?

We've all heard about it. Campus speakers get shouted down or prevented from speaking. Academic freedom is under attack. Students congregate in safe spaces to prevent violence against them for their politically incorrect views and colleges are becoming sanctuary campuses, all the while civility on campuses is a lost art. Student cheating has increased by leaps and bounds. This raises the issue of whether ethics can be taught, or whether it even should be taught. Read my latest blog on this issue. Sign-up on my website to receive my latest Newsletter. You can access the current Newsletter by clicking on this link.

Posted by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on September 14, 2017.

Dr. Mintz is Professor Emeritus from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He received the Accounting Exemplar Award from the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association in 2015. His blog, Ethics Sage, was recognized as number 49 out of 100 top philosophy blogs and one of the top 30 blogs on Corporate Social Responsibility. Steve shares insights into business ethics through his Workplace Ethics Advice blog and special take on ethics in colleges and universities in a new blog, Higher Ed Ethics Watch, that begins next month.

Biographical sketch

  • Dozens of research papers published on ethics.
  • Author of a textbook use in many colleges and universities, Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting: Text and Cases.
  • Developer of courses for continuing education in ethics and business and accounting ethics.
  • Speaker on ethics and professional responsibility.
  • Litigation consultant and expert witness on ethics matters.

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