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The Pandemic and Well-Being of Americans

Goodbye, President Trump

It's Time for the National to Heal

“Our long national nightmare is over…Our Constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws not men. Here the people rule. Let us restore the Golden Rule to our political process. Let brotherly love purge our hearts of suspicion not hate.”

These words were first spoken on 8/9/74 by former President Gerald Ford on the day of his inauguration after taking office following the resignation of Richard Nixon. Nixon had become bloodied during the Watergate investigation and left office after it appeared likely that he would be impeached by Congress.

These words are appropriate in today’s environment in light of Trump’s loss to Joe Biden. It has been a nightmare for most Americans. We shuttered when he tweeted. We shook our heads as he disparaged so many people. We cringed as his comments created a divided nation. We quickly knew that he wasn’t trustworthy, having played down the severity of the virus and touted unproved coronavirus treatments.

From the lies about the severity of the coronavirus to the deceit about when a virus would be available, Trump has said what he wants to make himself look better than is realistic in order to serve four more years. Well, it has backfired. Trump lost

Given the current state of the pandemic and ever increasing numbers of infected and deaths from the virus, most Americans have come to realize the blame for the spread is due to Trump’s unwillingness to tell people to wear masks, socially distant, and do these things himself. His shunning the virus experts has just added fuel to the incompetency fire. His constant hyping of the economy places business over safety. The health of Americans has taken a back seat to restarting the economy. Congratulations, Mr.-soon-to-be-ex-President. The economy is improving while thousands of American have died.

Some of my friends say it’s all about the fact that many people don’t like Trump’s style but he’s accomplished a lot over four years. I don’t dispute this. He made many promises and, for the most part, has kept them or tried to do so. In this regard, he has been an effective President regardless of his agenda.

But, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what he has accomplished when he continues to do and say offensive things. The president is supposed to be someone to emulate. No one I know says I’d like my kids to be like Donald Trump.

It’s about trust. It’s about not being a good role model for kids and others. It’s about we’ve become an international laughing-stock. It’s about a lack of character. Trump is a narcissist. It’s all about him all of the time.

It will be interesting to see whether anyone chooses to do business with him once he leaves office. How can he be trusted to carry out what he says he’ll do in these real estate deals?

I predict Trump will file for personal bankruptcy at some point in time. He’s already filed for bankruptcy for his businesses six times. He knows the advantages of filing for bankruptcy with respect to protecting assets whether personal or business.

I predict we’ll see Trump’s personal income taxes at some point and learn that he pays so little taxes because of depreciation of real estate and interest on loans he took out to finance his deals.

I predict Trump will default on  many of these loans and leave the creditors in the wind with regard to being paid back.

Yes, President Trump, the majority of the nation is overjoyed that you were defeated. Now, what we ask, is for you to leave office with some modicum of respect for the American people, putting the country’s well-being over your own.

Goodbye and don’t allow the door to slam on your way out.

Posted by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, on November 9, 2020. You can sign up for our newsletter and learn more about Dr. Mintz’s activities at: Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.