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Looking to enhance your brand and stay busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, try podcasting. Here's a blog piece written by Jane Sandwood about how to get it going. Later, I will provide a link to the valuable resource by Shannon Taylor from

Streaming services are quite an important part of getting your content out there, and for those who have a voice for radio, podcasting is the ideal fit. According to studies, around 32% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. This means that, if you pick the right niche, your podcast could generate some much-needed traffic to your site. But niches are temperamental at best and choosing the right one will be at the heart of the success of your podcast

The Gear To Get It Going 

Before you can successfully launch your podcast, it’s worth your while to invest in a few items that will allow you to record and broadcast your podcast.  

  • Microphone: You’re going to want to spend some cash on this one, as a good quality microphone can make the world of difference to the sound of your podcast. Grainy recordings with plenty of static and noise will simply dissuade your listeners from subscribing to your podcasts. While you don’t have to go with the top-of-the-line options, it’s best to check in with other podcasters and find out what they’re using. It might also be worth investing in a pop filter if some of you tend to over pronounce certain consonants. Podcasting
  • Headphones: Studio headphones allow you to focus on your production without getting distracted by other sounds. It also allows you to hear what your listeners will hear, and tweak the production as needed. 
  • Podcast recording software: There are plenty of options out there on the market such as Adobe Audition and Logic Pro. The software allows you to add elements to your podcast such as intros and background music, sound effects, and pre-recordings. It also helps if your environment is noisy and you need to filter out background sounds. If your software doesn’t include ID3 tags, you’ll want to add an ID3 editor too. 
  • Hosting platform: If you’re going to add your podcast to your website, you may want to consider upping the bandwidth for the site. However, you can also add a link to other platforms such as Soundcloud or Libsyn. 

Go With A Niche That You Know Inside Out 

The size of the market will not necessarily determine the success of your podcast. For instance, if you have an average podcast in a mainstream niche, you might not get as much traction as a brilliant podcast in a smaller niche would. It’s important to carve out a slot in a niche that you know inside out, and that you can provide high-end content for. By harnessing your skills and targeting a niche you know well, you’ll be able to hit home on the biggest success factor for podcasts: audience connection. Your niche doesn’t have to be popular in order to connect with others, it just has to zero in on topics suitable for that particular niche. 

Build Up Your Podcast To Support Your Business Objectives 

A podcast can be a handy addition to a business website. For instance, a web designer’s main source of income is their actual web designing business. They may have a website that has ad services and subscriptions activated, which is another source of income. In this case, a podcast would be a nice addition to the site as it will help drive additional traffic to the site. A podcast will help you unlock additional traffic to your site, especially if you are able to provide value. Talk about experiences within your own business or career to engage listeners and expand your audience. It might also be a nice little boost to your resume if you’re thinking of going into a media or marketing company. A podcast can be an integral component of elevating your business or career. 

Unlock Its Money-Making Potential 

Although there are instances where businesses are built around their podcast, it’s usually an added service that is built as a means to draw traffic to a website. Thankfully for those aiming to make podcast their main source of income, there is a growing audience for audio-only content. If you’re going through all the effort to carve out your niche and provide great content on your podcast, it would almost be a waste not to monetize it. Affiliates and advertising opportunities not only allow you to keep your podcast on the air but could also be a lucrative business model. You can further expand its earning potential by teaching others to do the same. 

Thanks to a global demand for more content, it’s important to ensure that you’re unlocking the full potential of your business or career. A podcast provides a great platform to have a voice and garner traffic to your cause.

This blog was writer by Jane Sandwood. You can contact her at: [email protected].


Click here to access  the resource from Shannon Taylor

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