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21st Century Anti-Fraud Best Practices: What has Improved and What Still Needs to Change

OVERVIEW OF THE PANEL DISCUSSIONS: I am moderating a panel at the 2023 Ethics Symposium presented by the Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association (AAA). The panelists are well-known observers of financial statement fraud and critics of audit failures. They will look back and forward to assess where... Read more →

What is Character?

Making Ethical Decisions It has been said that “The true test of a person’s character is how they behave in difficult times.” John C. Maxwell is credited with making this important observation. Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. I... Read more →

U.S. Supreme Court Strips Away Race-Conscious College Admissions

An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action On June 29, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that effectively ends race-conscious admission programs at colleges and universities across the country. The decision reverses decades of precedent upheld over the years by narrow Supreme Court majorities. It... Read more →